What is an ICF?

What is an Intermediate Care Facility?

An Intermediate Care Facilityis a health facility that provides inpatient care to those with developmental disabilities who are in need of skilled nursing supervision and supportive care, but do not require continuous nursing care. Intermediate care facilities provide active therapy and treatment that gives an opportunity for recovery through structured individual care plans.

Intermediate Care Facilities range in size from the state developmental centers to the smallest, the single family home. Providing the most normalized setting, the six bed residential home provides for individuals to live in family units supported by 8-10 full time trained staff. Each home is managed by a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional & Administrator and clinical care overseen by the facility Registered Nurse and Medical Director.


Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled – Nursing

Residents in these homes have considerable self care deficits accompanied by medical issues which require daily medication and some ongoing nursing care.

Epiphany Care operates eight ICF/DD-H 6-bed homes.

Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled – Habilititave

Residents here are more medically fragile then those in the ICF-H homes and therefore require intermittent skilled nursing care. These residents may have G -tubes, sleep apnea, colostomy needs, a catheter or other conditions that require close supervision from medically trained personnel.

Epiphany Care operates five ICF/DD-N 6-bed homes.